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I’m following the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) #outstandingmooc. And I’m hooked!

It’s all about learning how to create a good MOOC. The final challenge in this MOOC is creating your own good MOOC in Curatr-platform  [I have selected the subject: How to become a successful MOOC-learner, yes a kind off meta-MOOC ;-)]. This week I will learn all about the techniques of the Curatr platform and start building. The rough draft of the course is ready (see above).

To build a good MOOC it’s interesting to know what makes a MOOC good. The MOOC were I’m in right now, has a lot of aspects of a good MOOC, supposedly, otherwise I wasn’t hooked!

What makes me hooked on the #oustandingmooc?

  1. I really like the fact that there is a final challenge [make your own MOOC] in this MOOC. This motivates me to get to the end and makes it a real challenging learning experience.
  2. The content is interesting and well chunked!
  3. The group of participants seems manageable. It’s possible to follow the conversations.
  4. There are a few very proactive participants that blog and twitter and give new insight by letting us in on their own reflections.
  5. There are a few competitive participants, so I checked the leadershipboard a few time. It motivates me.
  6. The wranglers are reacting on the platform and retweeting on twitter. So the input of participants is read and used by others. [makes me feel somebody is listening ;-)]
  7. The opportunities to be part of twitter chat and Google hangout makes me more a part of a study group en gives the possibility to talk live with experts.
  8. The content never leaves me. In public transport, waiting at my daughters ballet, before going to sleep, during my lunch break. Mobile, IPAD and Laptop, always available and just takes 5 minutes time to concentrate on a subject. [probably a good thing this MOOC takes only 4 weeks ;-)]
  9. I’ve expended my twitter network, a few very interest contacts with interest in the same subject.

Now I’m getting used to work in a Curatr MOOC. I learned how the platform works and I can use it well (in the role of participant)

But I’m an innovator, so.. (feeling motivated about the platform and what it brings for me.).I started to think.. What are the opportunities in scaling the social learning more than facilitated right know.  Questions like:  Is it possible to work on one challenge/assignments with other participants?

Interesting… but for now, back to my own challenge, building the MOOC. See you next week.